All about that J O Y !



Hey Ladies (& all the Guys reading too… we like to be inclusive here at Skimmed).

Welcome to our F A B U L O U S new site. It took us a while to get here… a little bit longer than we first thought. But we made it in the end.

Skimmed Milk started as an idea… One of our many ideas to be exact. We always get ideas for apps, sites, businesses or something that we know will change the world. Like most people, we didn’t have the courage to run with them.

In 2017 we finally did. Skimmed Milk was born.

Skimmed Milk wanted to bring a little bit of J O Y back to everyone. Activewear became a little ‘samey’ and dull. We wanted to add some C O L O U R back into the gym // mat // studio. We picked our four fresh pastel shades, based on our favourite ice cream flavours (as who doesn’t love ice cream?). We chose colours that are interchangeable, so no matter what is at hand, your style is always on point.

We worked hard to find the best fabrics about. The materials we use are super soft and comfy. At times you’ll forget you have anything on. Our bras are supportive, while Skimmed Milk leggings will give you killer legs and a great …


Each time you order with us, we carefully pick and wrap your order into our unique Skimmed Milk C A R T O N S. Why? We all work hard and train even harder. Because Christmas is only once a year, so we need to spoil ourselves with a little gift from time to time.

So here we are, our site is live and orders are coming in. Bear with us – we are new to the world of eCom. But soon, we will be changing everyone’s workout wardrobe one carton at a time.


The Skimmed Milk team x


PS – follow your ideas, dreams and passions. It will be tough, but worth it in the end.