Friends of Skimmed Milk

You bought something from out site, now you’ve fallen in love with our sets? It happens all the time . . .

Now you want to be an ambassador for Skimmed Milk - who doesn’t?! But we don’t do ambassadors, we want new friends. Why? Because friends always have your back.


What’s the role of a friend of Skimmed Milk?

As the saying goes ‘It’s pretty much what it says on the tin’. We want friends who can open doors, get us noticed and help organise pop-ups, events and help us grow. In return we are able to offer a cheeky discount to our new besties. There is also the option of joining our affiliate program (more info below).

It doesn’t matter if you are a studio, blogger, yogi or fitness teacher – We want to hear what you can do for us.

Complete the form and send us 150 words about yourself and what you can do for Skimmed Milk, along with.

Tell me about your Affiliate Program

On top of getting a discount for you to use against our activewear for being our friend, we are also able to set you up with a code to share amongst friends, family, followers or anyone you choose. The code will be unique to you. Every time it is used, the person using the code will get a discount and you will receive a referral commission on the order. What’s not to love?


Why don’t we do ambassadors?

We have lots of Women who wear our product, they even pay us for the privilege. We don’t think it’s fair on these loyal ladies to be giving out freebies for an insta story or two. We only work with genuine customers who fell in love with our brand.