Five ways to burn 500 calories



Looking to feel the burn but aren't feeling quite so energetic? Here's 5 ways to burn 500 calories that you might not have thought of...


Quite literally, laughing out loud will burn off the calories at approximately 75 calories per hour. So next time you have a duvet day and binge on Friends or your other favorite Netflix, don’t feel so guilty as laughing will help keep your waist trim. It will take over 6 hours to reach 500 calories, but it bad for being an active couch potato.


So you spent last weekend on the sofa LOL-ing, it’s now time to get back outside and regain your social life? Bowling will work your arms, upper body and core toning those muscles. So whether you rack up strikes or splits, you’ll burn off calories at the rate of 200 per hour and even get to wear so fancy shoes.


We all need a spot of retail therapy from time to time. Whether it’s ‘me’ time or something more social, Saturday afternoon trips around the British high street will give you a full body work out. So next time you have too many bags to carry and are starting to break into a sweat, just remind yourself, you are burning an impressive 250 calories an hour.


Felling a bit green fingered? Spring is here after all… Gardening is a great way to unwind after a working week and connect you back to nature. Think of lugging all those pots and plants around the garden as mini HIIT workout, but far more enjoyable. Leisurely gardening burns a whapping 270 calories. In under 200 hours, you’ll have burnt 500 calories.

Giving Blood.

The most serious point on our list. We know donating Blood isn’t for everyone, but taking an hour out of your day every 6 months or so can help save a life. Your body will use 650 calories of stored energy to replace your donated Blood. Reward your good deed with an ice cream.