How to make milk! Well, almond . . .



A bit of extra time on your hands over lockdown and wanting to try something new? Homemade almond milk is a great alternative to what is found in shops and it just as good, if not better.

This homemade almond milk recipe has no additives or nasties unlike most almond milks bought in shops (which contain multiple preservatives). Yes, we all typically grab the shop-bought milk out of ease, along with it lasting longer in the fridge. 

When we have the time, we will make the homemade almond milk because as it’s a tasty treat perfect to be paired with anything. Homemade almond milk lasts 3-5 days stored in an bottle or airtight container in the fridge. You can use the left over almond meal left over to make your own almond flout.


Step 1 Be sure to use plain raw almonds to give the best flavour. Roasted, or flavoured almonds will change the taste of the milk. Decide how much milk you want to make and  soak the almonds overnight in a bowl full of water in the fridge. One cup of almonds gives about 2 cups of milk.


Step 2 Drain and blend the soaked almonds with a water. Use the ratio of 1:2 almonds to water. Add a little something syrup to add some sweetness, date would be our go to. You can always add 1 date for every cup of almonds if you have any to hand.


Step 3 Once the mixture is blended together, strain with a cheesecloth. Place the cheese cloth over a bowl deep enough to hold the milk mixture. Pour the mixture into the cheesecloth, keeping the edges out and dry if you can.


Step 4  Using clean hands, gently lift the edges on the cheesecloth so it forms a sac containing the almond meal. Squeeze the meal to get all of the moisture out.


Step 5 Store your devious almond milk in an sealed bottle in the fridge. You homemade almond milk should last 3-5 days.. This shouldn’t be an issue it’s too tasty to let it sit.