Supporting charities that make a difference.



To help support our growth and development of new lines, we are partnering with a new smaller factory. This will allow us produce small runs of new styles, helping grow our product offering. Our goal is to be using a base fabric milled from recycled plastic across our entire range, but some of our new styles won’t be using this just yet. Once we get a reaction to the new lines, we can swap production to over to our signature fabric.

This isn’t a decision that we have taken lightly. Being as green as possible is important to us and has been part of our roots since our launch. To offset some of the environmental impact, we will be making donations to environmental charities that making a difference all over the globe.

We all know that plastic pollution ends up traveling to the other side of the globe, spoiling beaches and killing marine life. The first charity we will be making a donation to at the end of the year is Project Jonah. For each item sold from styles using non-recycled materials from our Elements of Life collection, £1 will be donated to help Project Jonah organise positive action, through education and beach clean-ups, along with front line care for Whales and marine life who's habitat is being polluted to worrying levels.

Our core styles will continue and always will be produced on our signature recycled fabric. Full details of the materials used can be found in the product description. If you have questions or charities that you think we can support in the future, please let us know. You can read more about Project Jonah here.

Hoping to see you on the mat soon,

SM x